Global Leadership + Creative Innovation + Strategy

Dr. Bernice Rumala earned a PhD and three Masters degrees from Columbia University (New York, N.Y.) and has served as a Fulbright and Harvard Research fellow. Dr. Rumala has more than a decade of experience as a consultant, researcher, thought leader, and interdisciplinary creative solutions leader. She also considers herself a global citizen based on international experiences in more than twenty countries. Having trained and contributed experiential knowledge in the public health, STEM, education, non-profit and for-profit sectors, Dr. Rumala is an authority on creative non-traditional interdisciplinary approaches for solutions and implementation. Her expertise is addressing systemic racism, thought leadership, system transformation, organizational change, social determinants of equity, health equity, public health, human rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion and social capital. She has had global experiences in stable regions as well as regions impacted by war, conflict, and instability. Her most recent global experience have included consulting for the United Nations in Iraq.

Academic History

Dr. Rumala earned a PhD from Columbia University. She also earned an Ed.M., M.A., and MPhil. from Columbia University. She served as a Fulbright Fogarty Fellow, Harvard Research fellow and CRTA fellow for the National Instituted of Health.

  • PhD – Columbia University (New York, USA)
  • M.Phil. – Columbia University (New York, USA)
  • Ed.M. – Columbia University (New York, USA)
  • M.A. – Columbia University (New York, USA)
  • Fellow – National Institutes of Health (Maryland, USA)
  • Fellow – Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA)
  • Fellow – Fulbright Scholar (Ghana – Noguchi Institute)
  • Certificate – UNDP (United Nations Development Program (Conflict Related Sexual Violence)